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Todd Fisher

Todd is a Florida native with a passion for family, fun and yes coastal living. Growing up surfing, boating and fishing provided many opportunities for Todd to experience first hand the waters across the Gulf 


Coast. Todd lives with his wife Alita, son Evan, two dogs Zoey and Charlie and one cat, Meeka in the heart of Downtown Pensacola. Bringing Louie’s Great Race to life has been an awesome journey and we could not have completed it without the help of many friends and the help of Derek Roberts, our most awesome Illustrator!

Todd’s inspiration for Louie’s Great Race and the future Briny Bunch Tales was born out of watching his wife, Alita’s passion for early childhood development. Alita, a Speech Language Pathologist has worked with children from birth to grade school for over 25 years. Witnessing that drive to encourage our son's early childhood growth, I started creating and telling childhood stories and from those bedside stories came the creation of Louie. Louie’s Great Race was created, told and retold over and over from the time Evan was 2 till probably 6. Now 11 years later, my wife and I decided to take that interactive story and share with other parents and children.


The storyline takes place on the Northern Gulf Coast and is placed within nautically accurate shipwrecks, natural reef locations and key Gulf Coast landmarks.  Nestling the childhood story within the unique Gulf Coast setting, we hope to engage parents and children both near and far to explore the place we call home.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the story and hope you share your contact information so we can keep you updated on everything from book signings, special events and the next Briny Bunch Tale release. 




Louie’s Great Race proudly support Kid’s Wish by Covenant Care and the ARC Gateway/Pearl Nelson Center Early Childhood Development Center

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